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Corporal Levi please say something inspiring to all of your adoring fans.

”..Fiber makes shitting quicker. Good for backups too.”

How old are you 9//////9... Umm uhh, I-I also.. Ugh never mind =///////= ~<3

”..Do I know you?”

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"Heichou, it's so hot out... How can you stand to keep your neck covered like that?" Armin fanned himself with his hand, the first few buttons of his shirt undone, his jacket hanging limply in his hand.

"How can you stand to be so naked, brat?" Levi stood up and moved over, buttoning the boys shirt back up. "..Your going to end up getting felt up again by perverts doing shit like that. Got it? A little heat won’t kill you." The corporal turned around, secretly fanning himself with his hand.

A little heat won’t hurt you, his ass. It was too damn hot! He clicked his tongue and sat back down, “..We need rain.”

"Levi, come baaaaack."

"I’m right here, brat."

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