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» Harvest Moon & Rune Factory



Independent Multi-Muse blog for the Harvest Moon/Rune factory series.

Open to anyone & everyone! (OC’s, crossovers, ect!)

Also, I will roleplay any Harvest moon/Rune Factory character asked for if I think I can truly get their character. My page only shows a few options, but if you have a certain character you like- please toss them my way and I will do my best! I love practically all of the characters, so I doubt I’ll turn any suggestions down!

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» [ Merman ]


→ Independent Wakasa roleplay blog from Orenchi no Furo Jijou.


Page is under construction, but ready to roleplay! I’ve read the manga, and I’m watching the anime, but I will stay spoiler free! If you wish to roleplay, or just talk to Wakasa feel free to shoot an ask our way!

» [ Lana ]



→ Finally got this blog up, but I’m not done editing! If your in the Zelda fandom, or wish to roleplay, will you please like or reblog this and I’ll follow you? Thank you! uwu

» amazing haru nanase roleplay blog

; casually promotes this cutie:

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