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» 8 till 4000 Followers }

{ Its the moment we’ve been waiting for! Thank you all so much! I’m so close I can feel it. uwu

For when I hit 4000 I’ve decided to do one or two things. First off, I will be on Omegle in cosplay to talk to all of you lovely people. I will either do Levi (SnK), Yukine (Noragami), or..someone else. I have a magi Omegle meetup day planned in which I’ll be Ja’far, but I’m not done making his..so that one won’t be soon uwu

Or, I could also sing or do a Q & A for you all uwu

I’m still deciding..<3

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» { Greetings New Followers!

”..I don’t have to greet them all, do I?”

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shit we’ve found out:

  • eren’s a titan
  • annie’s a titan
  • reiner’s a titan
  • berthold’s a titan
  • ymir’s a titan
  • the walls are fucking titans
  • christa is historia
  • levi ackerman

shit we haven’t found out

  • whats in eren’s basement
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