» Yearningfortheoutside - Mun questions post

  • hᄏ: Play any instruments?

I used to play the flute, but..I didn’t like band. xD

  • ω: Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)?

Brown, Moca, Blonde, and right now its brown and purple xD

  • △: Have you ever painted the walls of your room?

Not anything cool D:. Just normal white, ect >~<

  • 【・ヘ・?】: Ever tripped in front a bunch of people?

All the time! On flat floor! I have mad skill! :D

  • *: When was the last time you tied your hair up? (if your hair is long enough)

Yesterday because I had to shower like three times, and I got tired of doing it xD

Its a little ponytail when I do it now :’D

  • 旦: Last time you drove your car (if you can drive/have one)?

Last night, coming home from work :D

  • 愛: Are you currently dating?

Forever alone..xD

  • 太: When it’s New Year’s, do you make New Year Resolutions and actually commit to them?

I did! And no! xD i said i was going to exercise..tee hee

  • @: Ever felt attracted to the opposite sex before?

Yep, but I’ve never done anything <3~

  • (`▽´)Ψ: Did you used to play hide-and-seek when you were little inside stores?

Yes! In clothes racks! :D

  • (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ : Have you ever had to hug someone you didn’t want to?

All the time D: I answered this one in an ask <3~

  • 空: Did you ever throw up after one roller coaster ride or a few?

Nope. I’ve never thrown up due to rides (:

  • ☆: Have you ever played games such as ‘Spin the Bottle’?

I think I played a ghetto version of this when I was little. It didn’t even count though, because whenever the bottle landed on someone- we just dared them to do something nasty or embarrassing. Like, dress up as something and go somewhere xD

  • ⊙: Are you happy with where you are in life right now?

I’m not happy, nor unhappy. So..I guess yes? xD

  • ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ: Have you ever wanted to flip a table before? If so, why?

All.The.Time D: The people I work with drive me up a wall xD

  • ピ: Did you like Pokemon as a child?

Child? Psh! I still do xD

  • (⌒.−): Are there times where you wish to go back in time and redo or fix something you regret?

All the time as well! I would fix a ton of things (:

  • ♪: Do you find yourself singing or humming to yourself sometimes?

Andddd..im doing this now xD

  • ☁: Ever wanted to learn a foreign language?

Yes! Japanese, chinese, ect (:

  • (;° ロ°): Have you ever lost your wallet or purse?

My wallet lives to hide from me xD

  • ス: Have you ever swallowed gum?

This is the worst feeling ever D: So..yeah T~T

  • ♀: Tell me something that turns you on.

Ive never been turned on in real life, but..in roleplaying- hair pulling or when someone tops my characters. I like rougher roleplays <3~

  • ♂: Tell me something that turns you off.

Tons of piercings xD

  • ⅚: Post the link if your current favorite song.


  • ღ: Post a gif of what you’re currently feeling right now.

  • ≘: Have you ever watched the sun rise?

Yes, whenever I get up for school, and I think to myself..why? xD

Too.Early :P

  • ☄: Would you defend a friend if they were in danger?

Yes! I’d do anything to protect my friends!

  • હ: Are you still a virgin?

Yep. Complete virgin. :’D

  • ➍: Ever been to a concert? Was it fun?

Yep! I’ve been to a few! I like them :D

  • ♛: Do you like group projects?

Noooo D:. I always end up getting screwed xD

  • 高: How often do you use headphones/earbuds?

Everyday, all day xD

  • ಲ: Headphones or earbuds?

The ones..that go in your ears. Are those earbuds? xD

  • ♞: Showers or baths?

Showers to clean, baths to relax <3

  • ✗: Walks on the beach or in a forest?

Beach!! Forest have ticks, and they like me D:

  • ⊙﹏⊙: Which horror movie scared you the most? If any?

Parnormal activity probably, because I think about scary stuff too much xD

  • ^∇^: Has your best friend ever made you angry?

I don’t currently have one, but my old one used to all the time xD

  • (._.): Do you think you are an awkward person?

Yes..cause I’m shy..and cant talk well to others T//T

  • メ: Cupcakes or muffins?


  • (●´∀`●): Ponies or Horses?

Horses! >:D

  • ♯: Would you like to be able to fly?

Yes! I’d love to have wings and be like Pit!! :D

  • (ノ´▽`)ノ: Ever done or considered to do drugs?

Nooo..nooo. I’m high enough as it is without them. :D

  • ℝ: What color shirt are you currently wearing?

Purple xD

  • Æ: What color underwear did you wear yesterday?

….o//O Pink..

  • ☪: Have you ever flipped off someone?

My sister, but just for fun and kidding around! xD

  • ♬: Cats or dogs?


  • 礼: Would you swim in the lake or ocean?

Ocean <3~

  • の: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate!! >:D

  • ◐: Have you ever seen a meteor shower?

I read this as have you ever seen a meteor in your shower. My reply- I hope not xD

Nope D:

  • ᄇ: Have you ever broken a bone?

Not that I can remember! :D I’ve been close though xD

  • 었: Any tattoos?

Nope. I kind of want one though. Like the heartless or nobody symbol from kingdom hearts <3~

  • 싫: Any piercings?

Ears, but I never wear them xD

  • ℨ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Japan, or Hawaii! <3

  • Σ: Have you ever farted in public before?

Not around strangers xD

  • ℋ: Tell us a recent awkward moment you had.

I answered this one :’D. Tee hee..awkward..

  • ♔: Know the Duck Song? The Llama Song? Banana Phone?


  • ۞: What shows did you watch when you were a child?

Pokemon, Dragon ball Z, Inuyasha, ect. I watched TV a lot :’D

  • ▼: Could you live without the internet?

Noooo..I’d be lonely xD

  • Д: Strangest food you’ve eaten?

Peanut butter chicken.

  • 까: Cookies or brownies?

Cookies! That sounds good..